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Our first Case Study / SEO Test was a ground up opportunity for us. This client had a thriving and healthy business that was extremely successful simply by word of mouth advertising. There was no advertising what so ever going on at the time we met with Shara Smith and all she wanted was a little more business and a website. So, that's what we did. We made her our first visible case study.
Shara is an Eastern KY Real Estate Appraiser and her business covers almost all of Eastern Ky. There are several companies competing for business in her area and the following charts show what we were able to do for her.
This case study is 7 Months old as of 5-18-16 and displays the 5 keywords of her choice. It serves to verify that they are all currently located on the first page of Google.

Local SEO

The above chart is part of our client process.
We install a simple piece of software on the clients website that allows us to track our targeted keywords. It allows us to create a live report for our client or a detailed report on the fly. Either way our clients receive a full report of all activities and rankings at the end of the 30 day period. For all you hard core techies' out there... this is a very non-intrusive simple piece of software that loads asynchronously and does not interfere with the metrics of the site.
Keep in mind that we started with a blank slate, no website, no Google Plus, no Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Profile, zip... nada... nothing. Click on the previous links to view the Web 2.0 Properties we built for her.
While looking through her pages please take note that we did absolutely everything from the ground up. This includes the Logo development, Website Design, Content Creation, and all Graphics, On Page SEO and current SEM.
We're responsible for every Google Review that she has received, every like, post, LinkedIn connection, citations and future tweets as we are about to add Twitter in the next few weeks.
We built everything from the ground up with full intentions of creating an extremely healthy site that will be on the first page of Google for as long as she's in business.


Site Health

Trust Flow and Citation Flow as explained by Majestic.

SEO Marketing

Site health is extremely important for long term success.
This simply means that spamming your way to the top of the SERPS just isn't going to get it in the long run with Google. If your intentions are to be in business for the long haul then forward thinking and retaining an SEO company that is "In The Know" is crucial for long term stability and success.
To explain the chart above and show why it's important we have included a quick video below which quickly explains the site metrics and why they're important. Give it a quick look.



 In conclusion we feel that it's easy to see why this site is ranking so well. It's simply a matter of professional experience, forward thinking and dedication to a process that works... and works very well.
How's Sharas' business now? 
These are her thoughts.
Shara_Smith"Byto SEO practically doubled our business in less than 8 months. We had an average of 4-6 appointments per week when Jim started working on our website and SEO back in October. As of today (May 18, 2016) we are averaging 10 appraisals per week and we're growing fast enough that we've added additional personnel to include another appraiser. At this rate I expect our numbers to double again in the next 6 months. I attribute this success to Jims' work on our website and his SEO skills. Jim is an amazing professional and extremely knowledgeable in the field of SEO. I can see his passion in his work ethic. I highly recommend Byto SEO and Jim Coffey for any SEO or Social Media Management opportunity. "
~ Shara Smith | Hackney Appraisal Service 



Case Study #2

Because of the extreme competitive nature of this niche market we have chosen not to disclose the actual name of the clients website.
We chose this as an opportunity to demonstrate movement of very competitive keywords and the value of the clicks associated with the keywords involved.

website analysis

Again, this is a website that had zero visibility when we were given control of the SEO practices and these charts are to demonstrate that the movement of the keywords up the charts are a direct reflection of our SEO efforts.

SEO News

What's the value of a click you might ask? Well, it's pretty simple actually. We looked each one of these keywords up on Google Adwords and this was our determination.

Google Adwords Keyword Value As Of Last Day On The Chart

Keyword “Fast Business Cash Loans”               $ 16.87 Per Click x10      $168.70
Keyword “Business Cash Advances”                 $ 30.00 Per Click x10      $300.00
Keyword “Direct Merchant”                                  $ 4.35 Per Click x10        $43.50
Keyword “Fast Business Cash Advance”           $ 16.87 Per Click x10      $168.70
Keyword “Fast Business Cash Loans”               $ 12.59 Per Click x10      $125.90
Keyword “Fast Small Business Loans”              $ 46.57 Per Click x10      $465.70
Keyword “Fast Cash Loans For Business”        $ 54.02 Per Click x10      $540.20
Keyword “Small Business Loans Fast Cash”    $ 78.10 Per Click x10      $781.00
Total Monthly click value based on only 10 clicks per month per keyword is $ 2592.80
 search engine optimisation
Yup, Folks, This is why Google is worth Bazillions! It's in the value of the keyword that sends customers to your site and as an SEO expert we accomplish it for pennies on the dollar creating the best situation possible. A Win/Win/Win for all parties involved.
The charts above are displayed in an effort to demonstrate ability not an end result. These movements are a direct reflection of efforts placed on our part and we'll continue the process until we dominate the first page with all the clients chosen keywords.


Case Study #3 Videos

Little do most people know but You Tube is considered a search engine.
When your clients are searching for information about you or your products they are more likely to click on a video about their interests rather than take the time to read about you or your product. This has made product and informational videos a "must have" in SEO Marketing for your business.
An even more important factor is that a video has the ability to drive a client straight to your place of business faster than any other method.
Picture this....
The vast majority searches for information on their mobile devices and You Tube has given us the ability to apply "Clickable, Touchable, Instant, "Call Me Now" buttons to our videos. So there is no faster way to get a potential client to call instantly then from a clickable link on your video while they're watching it on their phone.
Pretty cool huh? It produces results super fast and we've been working on our video rankings and it's going great!
The next couple of screen grabs are of two videos that we've been playing with for one of our affiliate sites. The neat thing about this is the speed at which we were able to rank the videos. In some cases our videos showed up in the top two spots in less than one day.
Our first video, the big orange thumbs up smiley face ranked on You Tube super fast, in less than a day. However, this was a test video and included some copyrighted material and You Tube ranked it from its SERPS. But, it still ranks on Google Video first page and has since day one. Go figure?
We decided to be a little more careful and create 100% unique content on the next one and it ranked from day one. It has bounced from spot 1 to 3 to 2 and back and forth but the fact remains that our testing and accomplishments put us in the highest visibility spots possible.

Video SEO

You'll see that we are in "incognito" mode on Chrome so as not to skew the results. Try it out for yourself, see if you can google the keyword "SEO Marketing Software" and look for the big Orange Smiley face giving you and the rest of the world a thumbs up!
The below screen shot is a video we created, optimized and ranked from the ground up for a very competitive keyword.

Video SEO


Below are more ranking examples where we ranked videos for one of our Affiliate Test Sites. These videos are holding at 2 out of the top 5 spots on the first page of a Google Video search for our keyword "SEO Marketing Software".

Ranking You Tube Videos

How many videos does your business have out there and where are they ranked?

Where are they now? 



Myrtle Beach SEO

Yup, #1 and #2



Domination is a term we use for covering the first page of Google with our business for a particular keyword. An example would be "Shallotte SEO". Our business is located in Shallotte NC and we want to rank for as many spots on the first page for that term.  Our goal for our clients is the same for our Domination packages. See the following screen shots.

Shallotte SEO Domination

I still don't understand why an SEO company would pay for Ads.... ? Baffles Me.
2nd part of the page 1 screen shot below.

Shallotte NC SEO services




 We believe in creating healthy, professional, long term SEO results achieved through forward thinking, clean execution and up-to-date education and information. We have aligned ourselves with the absolute best in the business that share a like kind mindset of creating a Win/Win/Win situation for everyone involved.
Included in our weekly mastermind sessions are the Expert SEO's that have clients such as
Byto SEO Bob ProctorBob Proctor
 Byto SEO Tony RobbinsTony Robbins

byto seo Tai_Lopez

Tai Lopez


We currently have Google Page #1, Position #1 Rankings for over 300 Cities and Countries World Wide and this unique skill set of ours allows us to help Anyone and Everyone increase their revenues.
If you're interested in learning more please feel free to browse some of our articles found on our website via the links below.



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