byto seo Custom SEO Reporting

Custom SEO Reporting


Custom SEO Reporting


Showing our clients the progress of their SEO campaigns via our custom SEO reporting is vital if we intend to keep you as a  paying client.

We take away the "What have you done for me lately?" question by sending all our clients a daily ranking report as well as provide you with an App that allows you to view the rankings of your targeted keywords at your leisure.

All this in addition to a monthly report that gives you a full website health, traffic and SEO report. 
Our clients want to see the progress of our SEO activities and are results driven individuals just as we are. So, no more wondering what your SEO Expert is doing on a daily basis. 

Let the results speak for themselves and check on us anytime you like. 

Full transparency is key to a long lasting professional business relationship. 


Jim Coffey II

Founder | Byto SEO | Custom SEO Reporting

"I love what I do. I help businesses explode their revenue by increasing their online visibility. In my world everyone wins. Your business grows, your clients find your great quality products and services and I live everyday knowing that I helped a company grow which in turns helps everyone. Business Owners, Employees and our communities. Win/Win/Win. It just doesn't get better than that."

    Search Engine Marketing Expert Jim Coffey II

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