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How To Verify My Facebook Business Page


Do you have a Facebook business page? If so, then you should verify it! It is very important to do this. If you want to find out why then check out the rest of this quick article.

1. Improve Credibility- You can easily find fake pages of brands and businesses on Facebook, and this is why it is important to verify your business. You don't want someone to create a fake business page under the name of your business, even if that page doesn't have many fans or followers on it. When you verify your business's Facebook page, then you will improve your credibility and people will be able to tell your page is the real deal. Not only that, but this will allow you to keep your reputation intact, as you don't have to worry about impostors tarnishing it.

2. Improved Social Presence- If you use Facebook to search for popular brands or famous figures, the chances are the real page shows up first, while the fake ones or non-real pages show up afterwards. This means if you verify your Facebook's business page, you can improve your social presence, and this is because your page will show up in the search results before any impostors' pages. The last thing you want are fake pages showing up before yours in Facebook searches because you want people to visit your page and not the fake ones that have been setup.

3. Fight Spam Messages- When you have a verified Facebook business page, then you increase your chances of being able to fight spam messages. In other words, your messages may have a better chance at being shown to people than messages sent by non-verified pages because their messages may automatically go to the junk folder or other folder due to it being considered possible spam. This doesn't mean your messages will be read by every single person, nor is it a guaranteed that every single message you send will end up in a person's inbox, but nonetheless, it's a good idea to verify your Facebook business page.

4. Increase Interactions- If you have a Facebook business page, then you probably want people to interact with your page because this may lead to even more exposure, as well as increase your chances of making more sales and the chance to provide even better and more efficient customer service. You might be surprised at how many people will interact with a page when they see other people interacting. In a way, it can have a snowball effect.

However, if your page is not verified, then there is a chance you are not getting the interaction you want. If you want to increase interactions, then consider verifying your Facebook business page because this will show your followers and potential followers that your business's page is real. This may increase interaction because people will be more inclined to interact and engage with a page that has been verified because they know they are leaving comments and messages to a real page. As more and more people leave you comments and interact with your page, the better your chances are that you will make more sales and gain more customers.

Do you want to improve your business's credibility and increase interaction on your page? Do you want to fight spam messages and improve your presence on Facebook? If you do, then you will want to verify your Facebook business page as soon as possible. The sooner you verify your page, the sooner you can enjoy all of the potential benefits it offers.

I've included the exact instructions you need to quickly get your Facebook Business Page Verified here: Facebook Business Verify



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