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Small Business SEO Services

Welcome to my Small Business SEO Services page. This may be one of my favorite subjects because my love for starting small businesses pushed me down the path that led me where I am today as an SEO Expert.

Some of the most amazing people I've met in my life were in their 40's and still not sure what they were going to do with their life. I, at the brash age of 45, have found my myself deeply rooted in my lifes' passion… SEO. This is what I love, and this is why.

You may be wondering what “My Passion” has to do with “Small Business SEO Services” and the answer is simple.

I've been down the path you're on several times. I've spent my life building businesses in one fashion or another. I've either worked for someone or worked for myself but on the digital end of things I was always the “Internet Guy”

I was the guy that brought in the customers from the website.

I detest normal advertising! TV Commercials, Radio Ads, Billboards and such. UGH! It's all interruption marketing. It's intrusive and in my opinion the least targeted of all the marketing out there.  There are times that I wish I never knew what “Marketing” truly was but, never the less, I was very good at what I did, and even more dangerous today.  SEO has allowed me to accomplish what I believed in when it comes to extreme laser targeting the correct audience. Our Small business SEO services allow us to put your business in front of the people that are "Looking" for your product and services. You just can't generate a hotter lead than that. 

I've branded several businesses and brought the masses in from the net to the bricks over the last 2 ½ decades. This process involves more than just throwing a Word Press website up and hoping someone sees it online. You must be aware of how the search engines will perceive your creation, how your customers will view it and if it will be enticing enough to bring them in the doors or at least allow you to get in their digital wallets. You must understand how a website flows, how the information converts into a sales funnel and if you can't close them now you should have an email marketing campaign in place to continue the process until they “buy or die”. It's all about quality information, client conversion and closing the deal.



Let's talk a bit about how some of this works.

Small Business SEO Services
Tip #1. Keep your website updated with quality content.

In todays digital world just having a website floating around out there isn't enough. Not only is your audience looking for quality content, so is Google. The Google Search Engine of today is not the same as even just a few months ago. It is constantly evolving and if your website isn't evolving with it then you'll be left on page 2 or worse, which is well behind your competition. It doesn’t matter what business you're in you will benefit greatly from up to date information and unique, quality content. So many websites have and will continue to fall behind due to short cut tactics to achieve quick “spammy” type ranking. It just doesn't work out in the long run and Google is making that more and more clear everyday. Quality content is King and will reign for as long as the Net lives.

Small Business SEO Services
Tip #2. Flow

I honestly haven't written many of my own pages. I've had them uniquely created by paid authors to achieve the quality that I've discussed. Even with quality content in place you may not have the best conversions or have high bounce rates. It's all about the “Flow” of the website. Think of it as a lengthy novel that jumps around a lot. Sometimes you can hang in there with the author but if they lag just a little in the story line soon the book looks bigger and bigger and “Boom”!, there goes interest. We call this a “Bounce”. Someone that didn't stay long enough to convert to a paying client or “Money”. Read your content or pay someone that knows what to look for to check your flow and make sure that it guides your potential client to the “Call To Action”.

Small Business SEO Services
Tip #3. Call To Action

All the great content in the world, wonderful writing, beautiful pictures and Awesome Videos won't matter to a hill of beans if you don't have some way to attempt to close the deal. The flow should end up to a point that we call a “Call To Action”. This could be a sign up form, a purchase button or any action that allows the purpose of your website to be completed. You believe in the “Hereafter”? … well, this is what we're here after. The Money! Place your Call to Actions' at the end of the flow to accomplish your goal.

Small Business SEO Services
Tip #4. The Close

We're all in this for the same reason. That customer or client has our lunch money in their pocket and it's our job ( or the job of the website ) to get it. Simple as that. If your website isn't bringing in customers or making you money then it's all for naught. Don't be afraid to “Ask For The Money”! That's why you paid big bucks to build your website and your brand. If you provide the quality that we discussed and moved them through your site and ended at the call to action then jump on them. Ask for the money in one form or another. It's part of the process and if they've made it this far then they want to give it to you. Place your pay buttons, phone numbers or call now blocks right in the line of fire and help them spend their money with you. It's a proven fact that if you don't ask for it, you certainly won't get it.


This all leads to this point…. What my business can do for you.
I took a little extra time and wrote this my self because I believe in what I do and I know how it works. I have perfected a proven process that will work for your business and I want to work with you for one huge reason.
Our Small Business SEO Services solution will allow us to create a Win/Win/Win situation for everyone involved. Your client Wins because they found a professional business that knows quality and they received a great service or product because of it. You Win because your business will grow from being on the First Page Of Google as well as the reputation you are building with such happy clients. I Win because I helped everyone involved. I helped someone grow their business because they were seen on page one of google, maybe created a few new jobs, helped someone that needed a particular service or product find the right business and I provide an honest living for my family doing something I'm passionate about. Everyone wins.
Take a few extra minutes and complete our discovery form. It only takes a couple of minutes and your time and I'll send you a personal “Lost Profit” Video Analysis of your Website and business. 
My job is to help your business grow. My experience allows me to do that as an Expert Level SEO.
Let our Small Business SEO Services work for your business based on my short sales pitch. It's my honest approach to earn your business.
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